Small Vegetable Box

Small Vegetable Box

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A tasty selection of organic vegetables, plucked fresh from pesticide-free soils and delivered to your door as often as you please.

Feeds 1-2 people for 1 week with at least 6 varieties per box.

Varieties included may differ from those listed depending on harvests and availability.


At Soil and Sea, we take pride in offering a scrumptious selection of organic vegetables, freshly harvested from pesticide and chemical-free soils, with a focus on local sourcing whenever feasible. Our diverse range varies with the seasons, featuring popular veggies that bring a colourful crunch or tender taste to your daily meals. Perfect for achieving your five-a-day goal and enhancing the vibrancy of your plate, our vegetables are slow-grown in nutrient-rich soils, resulting in naturally nutritious and flavorful superfoods bursting with goodness. Conveniently bundled and boxed, our fresh vegetables are delivered straight to your door hassle-free.


Deliveries WC 13th May

Courgettes (300g)
Bell Peppers (x2)
Potatoes (1.5kg)
Onions (600g)
Carrots (800g)
Pointed cabbage
Broccoli (350g)
Leeks (350g)

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Indulge in farm-to-table perfection with fresh meats, vibrant veggies, juicy fruits, and flavourful fish.

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