Lamb Shoulder (Bone in)

Lamb Shoulder (Bone in)

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Royalty of the roasting tin, our organic lamb shoulder is best after a long, slow roast for a mouth-wateringly sweet and tender result.Feeling more adventurous? Why not butterfly the shoulder yourself, rub with aromatic spices and slow-grill over coals.

Minimum Shelf Life: 9 Days 

1kg - Serves 3-4

2kg - Serves 6-8


At Soil and Sea, we exclusively partner with local sheep farms. Our farms host various breeds, from Scottish Blackface ewes to Manx Loaghtan sheep, all raised on 100% grass-fed diets. Known for their nurturing abilities and friendly demeanor, our sheep ensure the well-being of their lively spring lambs. Grazing freely on organic pastures amidst picturesque rolling hills, these contented sheep enjoy a clover-rich diet that imbues the meat with a healthy layer of fat and marbling. The result? Meltingly soft roasting joints, succulent centrepieces, and tender, quick-cooking steaks that reflect the true essence of pasture-fed goodness.


Organic and Grass-fed Lamb
Please note this produced in a factory that handles Gluten


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