Our Butchery

At Soil and Sea, our organic meat is sourced from small, family-run abattoirs and transported to the farm with minimal live travel time, ensuring the animals' stress is minimized.

All meat entering our premises is Soil Association certified organic, guaranteeing strict adherence to organic standards regarding living conditions, feed, medication use, transportation, and slaughter.

 An Ethical Process

Our skilled butchers handle the organic beef, carefully preparing it for dry aging, while organic lamb, pork, and poultry are trimmed upon arrival at our butchery.

We strictly adhere to a butcher-to-order policy, ensuring that our meat is never stored in plastic packaging. Each product is cut from its primal only after it has been ordered by a customer.

Within 48 hours of delivery to your home, our freshly cut organic steaks, roasting joints, mince, sausages, and more are butchered, prepared, and packed, ensuring freshness and quality far superior to that of supermarket meat.

Our innovative butchers are constantly devising new ways to make cooking organic meat easier for you at home, creating delicious new sausage flavors, children-friendly options, and easy-to-carve joints.

Nose to Tail Ethos

The team at Soil and Sea adhere to the nose-to-tail butchery philosophy, utilising all parts of the animal rather than just the traditional cuts.

This approach offers numerous benefits, providing access to a variety of tastes and textures not commonly found on conventional supermarket shelves.

Reducing waste is a primary goal of this ethos. By using the entire animal, we contribute to minimising food shortages and promote a more sustainable approach to meat production.

Embracing a nose-to-tail ethos aligns with our mission of closed-loop sustainability, reducing the environmental impact of meat production and encouraging people to opt for slower, more sustainable processes over wasteful factory farming sources.

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