Why Organic?

Discover Eversfield Organic, now under the Soil and Sea brand, certified by the Soil Association since 2004. Enjoy exceptional organic produce with sustainability in mind, encompassing the best from the soil and sea. Choose us for environmentally conscious practices, soil health, animal welfare, and nutritious offerings.

So why choose Soil and Sea?

Better for the Environment

Organic Farm

At Soil and Sea, we prioritize minimizing our environmental impact by harmonizing with nature in our farming practices.

We endorse farms employing low-energy methods, reducing food miles, and CO2 emissions. By supporting organics, we aid in combatting climate change and fostering wildlife habitats, promoting biodiversity.

Better for the Soil

Enhancing soil health through organic compost and meticulous care ensures thriving farms and a flourishing microenvironment. Given soil's non-renewable nature, our closed-loop sustainability approach and regenerative farming practices safeguard against erosion. We advocate for farms utilizing solely organic fertilizers, eschewing pesticides and insecticides. Additionally, rotational grazing aids pasture quality and offsets atmospheric CO2, mitigating climate change impacts.

Organic Soil

Better for Animal Welfare

Organic Grass-Fed Beef


Our animals thrive on a natural pasture diet, devoid of growth hormones and grains, allowing them to lead longer, slower-paced lives in alignment with nature. Grazing outdoors, they enjoy 100% grass-fed diets, optimizing their health and well-being. With ample space for natural behaviors, our animals are less prone to disease compared to conventional indoor farming practices. We strictly adhere to organic standards, avoiding routine antibiotics and prioritizing natural healing methods if necessary, ensuring the integrity of our food chain.

Better for You

Indulge in the nutritional benefits of our 100% pasture-fed meats. Crafted in our organic ethical butchery, they boast optimal marbling, reducing saturated fats and boosting omega-3s. With these advantages, choosing organic is a clear choice.

Organic Food Delivery

Organic Food You Can Trust

Trust in our Soil Association organic certification for reliable organic meat, fruit and vegetables. Amidst greenwashing, our certification ensures strict standards prioritizing sustainability and animal welfare. From grass-fed meat to Pasture for Life certified beef and lamb, all our products are 100% traceable.

We also stock a range of Pasture for Life certified beef and lamb and all our meat is 100% traceable back to the animal it came from.