Closed Loop Sustainability

We're deeply committed to ensuring every facet of our operations plays a role in advancing our sustainable mission. Dive into the details below to learn how we're actively minimising waste and championing environmental stewardship.

sustainable food system

The Process

Our Sustainable Approach:

Embracing a Closed Loop System: We employ a closed-loop sustainability model, recycling and reusing resources to minimise waste. It all begins on our organic farms in the West Country, where our livestock graze on lush pastures. Here, they naturally enrich the soil with their organic waste, fostering soil health and vitality.

Nose-to-Tail Philosophy:

We believe in utilising every part of the animal, ensuring nothing goes to waste. Our expert butchery team carefully prepares cuts you won't find on supermarket shelves. Even the bones are used to create nourishing bone broth. Any unusable or unsold produce completes its closed-loop journey by contributing to compostable waste, further supporting soil health and completing the cycle.

Your Role in Sustainability:

By choosing to purchase organic meat and fish boxes from Soil and Sea, you actively support our closed-loop sustainability system. Your decision directly reduces food waste, lowers our carbon footprint, and promotes soil health—a true testament to your commitment to the environment.


Our Commitment to Sustainability:

Our closed-loop system, Soil Association certification, 100% grass-fed ethos, ethical butchery practices, and packaging recycling scheme are just a few of the ways we're safeguarding food for the future. Join us at Soil and Sea in nurturing sustainable agriculture and prioritising environmental well-being. Together, we can make a difference.