Agroecological Farming

At Soil and Sea, we champion regenerative farming as the path forward. With two-thirds of the world's non-icy land dedicated to agriculture, it's no wonder that global food production contributes up to one-third of universal greenhouse gases.

This is why we're committed to making a positive impact on the industry we're deeply passionate about.

Our Approach


Agroecological farming aims to enhance the ongoing progress and productivity of farming output without relying on external resources.

At Soil and Sea, our farms employ natural livestock manure to enrich their soil organically, avoiding synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. By using organic fertilizers, we ensure that all the essential nutrients from the soil are transferred to our grass-fed cattle and ultimately to your plate in the form of a steak or your preferred cut. This process also aids in carbon sequestration, drawing CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Any surplus produce, such as organic fruits and vegetables, is composted to return nutrients to the soil and enhance its structure for planting. Nutrient-rich soil yields the tastiest and healthiest greens possible. This composting process is a vital component of our closed-loop system and a key way to support agroecological farming practices.

The Benefits


All the beef and lamb we offer are 100% grass-fed and finished, certified by the Pasture for Life Association (PFLA). Allowing livestock to graze the land for a minimum of 200 days per year promotes soil health and carbon sequestration, wherein healthy soil can absorb CO2 from the atmosphere.

Moreover, the manure produced by grazing animals enhances soil fertility for other crops. By choosing our organic produce, you're not only preserving the environment but also improving your health. Farms employing regenerative methods produce organic, ethical meat with higher levels of essential fatty acids and lower saturated fats, enabling you to consume healthier meat. Additionally, our organic fruits and vegetables are rich in essential minerals and vitamins.

This organic food nourishes you and your family with nutrients from the soil passed on by the organic produce you consume, from field to fork.

Our commitment to a closed-loop system, Soil Association certified organic status, 100% grass-fed ethos, ethical butchery practices and packaging recycling scheme are just a few of the ways we're safeguarding food for the future. Join Soil and Sea and contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture and the support of environmental needs.