Our Traditional BBQ Box

Our Traditional BBQ Box

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Our top selection of organic and grass fed meat ready for the BBQ.

'Rated as the Best Buy BBQ Meat Box by The Independent'

As soon as the sun comes out to say hello, Brits up and down the country will have the BBQ out! Our Traditional BBQ Box is bursting with organic meat to satisfy the whole family. From barbeque classics using grass-fed Beef Burger and organic Pork Sausages, to getting experimental with grass-fed Lamb and Hot & Smoky Chicken Wings - this box will set your summer alight. 


Alongside produce from our own farm nestled on the edge of Dartmoor National Park, we use a family of local farms that work exclusively with Soil and Sea. Our livestock spend their days grazing freely with our beef and lamb enjoying a wide variety of native grasses, wildflowers and herbs. Our skilled butchers ensure careful preparation of the organic beef and lamb for dry aging while organic pork and poultry go straight into the butchery. We only ever butcher to order – our meat never sits in plastic packaging.


Organic, Grass-Fed and Free-range Meat


Beef Steak Burgers 2 x 230g - 2 burgers per pack
Traditional Pork Sausages 425g
Chicken Thighs - 255g - 2 to 4 per pack
Chicken Drumsticks - 520g - 2 to 4 per pack
Beef Sausages 345g - 5 sausages per pack
Lamb Minted Burgers 2 x 230g - 2 burgers per pack

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