Wild Wood Pigeon Brace, Previously Frozen

Wild Wood Pigeon Brace, Previously Frozen

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Wild wood pigeon has a rich flavour. As a lean meat, it's perfectly juicy when cooked wrapped in streaky bacon, or rubbed with our salted butter before cooking. For real flavour, stuff fresh rosemary into the meat and serve with a sweet red wine jus.

Please note: This product has been previously frozen and will arrive to you on the defrost. Also this product may contain shot.


Our deer stalker started selling quality wild venison and game aged 17, with knowledge gained from a farming background. His wild venison and pheasant are truly special with a naturally rich flavour. These animals are not classified as organic as they are completely wild. This means they eat what they please and roam where they please across estates in the South of England. The meat is leaner than farmed meats and goes perfectly with British fruits such as blackberries, juniper berries and redcurrants.


Wild Wood Pigeon

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