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Lamb Leg Steaks

Lamb Leg Steaks

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At Soil and Sea we cut our organic lamb steaks from the topside of the lamb carcass, where it joins the chump (or rump), so you may have also heard them referred to as 'chump chops'. Like a beef rump steak, organic lamb steaks have a similar depth of flavour and benefit from soft meat that's kept moist by delicate marbling. This is a boneless cut that combines all the hearty flavour and bite of a chop with the convenience of a steak.  

Minimum shelf life: 7 days


At Soil and Sea we use a selection of small, local sheep farms that work solely with us. Our farms have various breeds, from Scottish Blackface ewes to Manx Loaghtan sheep, who are of course all 100% grass-fed. They also have perfect parenting skills for those bouncy spring lambs and a friendly temperament. The lambs are also grass fed, so these happy little sheep spend their lives in the fields, the way it should be. They graze freely on organic pastures, roaming acres of luscious rolling hills. A clover-rich diet gives the meat a healthy covering of fat and marbling throughout, creating meltingly soft roasting joints, succulent centrepieces and tender, quick cooking steaks.

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