Our Sheep Credentials

Why choose organic lamb & mutton?


Grass Fed for Life

Ethical and Traceable

Award Winning

The Best Rearing

We have a close network of local organic sheep farmers who rear traditional British breeds such as Suffolks, Texels, Poll Dorsets and Scottish Blackfaces.

Our organic sheep farmers ensure that our sheep are grass fed for life and never supplemented with any grain feed. This allows them to grow slowly and naturally, just as nature intended.

By working with local farmers, we are helping to minimise the transportation time between the field and the abattoir to minimise the stress of live travel. Championing local farms also helps support rural livelihoods and preserve traditional farming practices.

The Best Quality

Our sheep graze freely on organic pastures, benefiting from the supreme soil nutrients found there. These health advantages are passed on to you and your family when you enjoy our lamb and mutton.

These nutritional benefits also contribute to the mouth-watering flavour of our products.

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What our Customers say...

“Best lamb in years” - my mother. Great to know an animal has been respectfully farmed and slaughtered. Very grateful to get quality and ethics.

- Polly D