Our Poultry Credentials

Why choose organic Turkey, Duck and Goose?


Organic Raised for Life


Ethical and Traceable


Award Winning Range


The Best Care

We work closely with a number of trusted local suppliers to source our birds. For instance, our Bronze Turkeys are reared on a Dartmoor-based organic family farm.

Our birds are granted free roam, meandering open organic pastures to their hearts' content. Alongside the organic goodies they pluck from the soil, a homemade organic grain supplements the nutritious, natural diet of our birds.


The Best Quality

Through a commitment to slow-rearing, we ensure our birds have a more proportionate breast to leg ratio and a skin colour that is indicative of their natural plummage. 

Our process has further benefits. Firstly, our birds live longer, more enjoyable lives as nature intended. They also are afforded the time they need to develop the juiciest, most succulent meat we've ever come across!

Our award-winning range is proof that an organic outlook is the way forward!


free range organic turkey duck and goose

What our Customers say...


Incredible colour to the meat when raw with an almost sweet aroma. Very succulent and juicy when cooked. Not as gamey as I thought it would be but still absolutely exceptional. The best Turkey I’ve ever had..

- Luke B