Our Pasture For Life Credentials

What is Pasture for Life certified meat?

Pasture for Life Certified

Ethical and Traceable

Supporting Local 

The Best Care

Pasture for Life meat and dairy comes from animals raised only on grass and pasture. Policed by the Pasture for Life Association, all participating farms are visited to ensure farmers follow a set of agreed production standards, based upon the animal’s natural diet.

Animals kept according to Pasture for Life standards are not fed any form of grain or manufactured feeds.

Mainstream intensive livestock production typically involves a high-energy and high-protein diet, consisting of components such as soya, maize, wheat or pulses such as peas and beans. These unnaturally accelerate growth and production, putting pressure on an animal’s body. This can result in more physical and mental stress and a shorter life span when compared to our pasture-raised animals.

The Best Quality

Many of our partner farms do not hold certification due to the high cost. Don't fret though, these fantastic local farms still provide the highest quality grass-fed, organic meat.

There's a long way to go but the interest in Pasture for Life meat is growing.

By supporting us, you are helping to create a market and supply chain for Pasture for Life certified meat but as this grows, our supply may be limited so your patience is hugely appreciated.

Thank you for supporting us in our mission to encourage farmers to support regenerative farming methods and become certified by the PFL.


What our Customers say...

The whole experience from order to table has been magnificent. We had ordered this for a family friend and he raved about it to everyone he spoke to, he said it was the best steak he had ever had.

- Andrew S