Our Dry-Cured Organic Bacon

Organic Bacon

Our dry-cured, organic bacon is made here on our farm in Devon. We use organic pork from landrace x duroc sows crossed with a large white boar. This perfect mix of the pig breeds creates beautifully diverse organic pork with fatty roasting joints like the pork shoulder, leaner cuts like the meltingly tender (as the name suggests) tenderloin and everything in between.

Streaky Bacon

Our organic streaky bacon comes from the belly. Here, the dense marbling of fat creates wonderful flavours and after dry-curing, smoking and cutting we have a product to be proud of. Our honey smoked streaky bacon has been awarded Champion at the Taste of The West Awards 2017, 2018 and 2019. Our favourite way to cook streaky bacon is on the crispy side, and you won't find a tastier rasher to throw in your Saturday morning BLT.

Organic Bacon

Back Bacon

Our organic back bacon comes from the loin. It's a little leaner with less marbling but is still rich with flavour. Unsmoked back bacon is a firm favourite in many households across the UK and we love ours folded up atop some mashed avocado and sourdough toast.

Middle Bacon

Organic middle bacon combines both the streaky and back bacon joints, using the whole muscles from loin to belly. It's a traditional English masterpiece and a real treat. Bump up your brekkie with a rasher or two of our organic middle bacon and you certainly won't be leaving the table hungry!