Our Organic Pork Credentials

Our Organic Pork and Bacon

Our organic pork comes from Rhug Estate.The Duroc x Landrace pig has a higher level of intramuscular fat which results in a marbling effect and more succulent, flavorsome meat. The pigs are reared outside in individual huts and are completely free range, roaming in clover rich pastures. They are fed on the ground picking up vital minerals from the soil and also roam the fields after the harvest or organic potatoes, carrots and parsnips. 

 Why choose organic pork, ham and gammon?

Organic Raised for Life 

Ethical and Traceable

Award Winning Range

The Best Care

Pigs flourish in farms, not factories. We ensure all our pigs are raised in a way which allows them to practice their natural behaviours of foraging and exploring.

With organic standards, the pigs are kept in family groups with free access to fields all year round. In the case of sever adverse weather, our pigs are provided with spacious indoor housing, packed with plenty of straw for comfy bedding, and continued access to an outdoor run.

Our commitment to care and quality has seen us previously rewarded with the Compassion in World Farming Good Pig Award.

The Best Quality

Organic pig rearing is as ethical as it comes. Practises that are common in non-organic pig farming such as nose ringing to prevent from natural rooting behaviour are banned.

Further, tail docking, a process that prevents stressed pigs from biting each other's tails in combined spaces, and farrowing crates which are used around the time the female pig gives birth to restrict her movement and prevent her from following maternal instincts are both banned.

Add to this the antibiotic free diet our pigs are reared on and you've got yourself the most nutritious, delicious and ethical pork, ham and gammon around.

What our Customers say...

Melts in the mouth. Probably the best tasting organic ham we have tried.

- Darren A