Venison: Lean, Wild and Delicious!

With so many of us looking to keep the grub on our plates in check this January, why not go wild and cook up venison?

Beautifully tender, venison is loved by carnivores and paleos alike for its rather special balance between rich, gamey-ness and lean fat content.

Utterly delicious paired with plump, fruity flavours like quince, plum, blackberry and redcurrant as well as deep red wine and port, red cabbage and wild mushrooms.

How wild is your wild game?

Really wild.

Our venison originates from beautiful country estates, parks and woodland, is carefully selected and responsibly hunted. We believe allowing game to live freely enjoying their natural diet results in happier animals and a far superior, meaty flavour.

Which cut is best?


Whole fillet, haunch and saddle for roasting
Steaks, fillet steaks and loin steaks 
for grilling
for braising
Diced venison and mince 
for one-pots and stews