The Wonky Way

Organic Veg

You may have seen wonky veg beginning to make an appearance in supermarkets, because they have began to realise that people don’t mind what it looks like, as long as it tastes good. However, all organic veg is wonky veg and has always been a part of what we do here on the farm.

Organic farming methods use the natural way of doing things. This means nothing is graded by appearance and nothing is wasted. This is real food that our wonderful, specialist veg farmers have put love and effort into growing so we need to take care of it. It won’t affect your saucy ratatouille if your courgette is curvy, your moussaka will still be delicious if your aubergine is plump and you won’t know if your carrot had 2 legs or 3 after it’s been bubbling away in a cosy beef shin stew. So you can expect an over-sized lemon or curly carrot or two in your Soil and Sea box but we’re proud of our veg. What counts is the flavour, the freshness and way these tasty vegetables have been grown.

We invite you to celebrate the wonky way with us and support honest, organic fruits and veggies!