The Myth of the Spring Lamb

The life of our lambs

Lamb is sweet, tender and incredibly flavoursome - why wouldn't it be everyone's top choice for their Easter roast? Put simply, naturally reared, British lamb is in short supply in Springtime.

Why, you ask? Let us explain...

Growing with the seasons.

Lambs are pretty incredible, able to thrive in chilly weather, exposed hilltops and on a 100% pasture diet. This means their life cycle is closely connected to our seasons.

The best time for lambing is in Spring when the grass has begun to regrow and the worst of the winter is behind us.

Finishing our lamb.

Lamb is typically under a year old, peaking at around 5-6 months old. This means our lambs born between January and April will not be finished until June at the earliest. Come Easter our new lambs are barely 3 months and still have lots of growing (and frolicking!) to do.

So why do people buy lamb at Easter?

The myth has been fuelled by the influx of imported lamb, particularly from New Zealand. Transported across the globe to our shop shelves, this lamb has finished during the summer down under. This does not make lamb a year-round meat.

The Bottom Line.

If you want to support British farmers and locally sourced produce, listen to the seasons. While lamb is in short supply, enjoy year-round meat like beef, pork, poultry and seasonal wild game.annToby Bury