Strong & Lean

Organic Meat

71% of New Year's resolutions in the UK are focused on improving health. And it doesn’t have to be hard to do. We’ve made it simple with our organic meat boxes – Strong & Lean and Quick Cooks. Eating lean, organic meat is a great way to up your protein and iron intake alongside a variety of other nutrients. It also makes for quick, delicious meals. 

Currently, in our Strong & Lean organic meat box, we have wild venison steaks, organic chicken breasts and diced organic, grass-fed beef. Let your kitchen creativity flow and throw the flavours into the dish. 

In the Quick Cook organic meat box, we have marinated organic lamb pieces, organic pork escalopes, organic chicken mini fillets and organic, grass-fed beef minute steaks. Try glazing the pork in  red miso paste for firework worthy flavours!

As we know, organic food is good for us humans, but it doesn’t stop there. Organic foods are free from artificial chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers, and organic farming methods save our soil and have the highest animal welfare standards.


Pair your organic meat box with one of our Organic Vegetable Boxes for a bumper crop of healthy goodies. We can deliver to you every week, every month or as and when you please!