Ready to Party?

As the summer swoops in, we are inspired by the later sunsets and warm air.

So we thought we’d bring you a party pack to help celebrate the sunshine the only way we know how… To the barbecue! Fire up those coals and let’s get grilling!

Our organic pork and apple burger party pack is fit to feed a few, with 8 delicious patties ready to leap on the embers and become your new favourite. Our skilled butchers make these beautiful burgers with succulent organic pork, jammy organic apple and a selection of dried herbs and spices. Lay on a fresh bun with melting cheddar and crisp green leaves, then dollop on your favourite chutney and take a bite… Are you still with us?

If you really want to push the boat out, why not sizzle up one of our organic, grass-fed, dry-aged beef tomahawk steaks? Cook for a few minutes on each side over hot embers, allow to rest then generously season with sea salt and you’ll never go back.