Our top 5 BBQ tips!

Cooking on fire

The wonderful world of cooking on fire can be a little daunting, particularly with organic meat. We’ve put our top 5 tips together to help you achieve the slight char on the edges with that juicy pink, melt-in-the-mouth middle… Feeling hungry yet?

Our top 5 BBQ tips:

1 - Keep it hot. Light your coals 20 mins before cooking and only start to use once the charcoal has turned white or grey. That way you're cooking over hot embers, not flames.

2 - Add sourdough to your burgers! When making homemade burgers, soak a stale sourdough in milk to get the perfect bind for your mix. Also add finely chopped onion for a punchy, delicious flavour.

3 - Rest your meat. Leave your meat to rest before tucking in. This allows it to stay juicy and finish cooking throughout. An essential tip for all steaks too!

4 - Use good wood. Using well-seasoned wood from lighter woods like fruit trees creates a delicately smoky aroma & taste.

5 - Last minute seasoning. Always season your meat just before it's placed on the grill to keep the texture soft and avoid drawing out moisture.