Our NEW Show-Stopping Steaks

Organic Beef Steaks

Make your BBQ shine with our new steaks on the (butchers) block. Beautifully marbled, naturally flavoursome and succulently soft, your garden party guests will be talking about these for weeks!

Our organic beef tomahawk steak is a true showstopper. Cut from the fore-rib with the entire bone left in, then French-trimmed to perfection, this is sure to spark conversation! Named for its resemblance to the tomahawk axe, this steak sure is primal. If you love our melt-in-the-mouth, grass fed, organic beef, you will love this steak!

Picanha steaks - Taken from the organic beef rump cap and named after the Brazilian and Argentinian delicacy, these steaks are divine. Best served well-seasoned with plenty of sea salt with a spoon of homemade chimichurri on the side. The mixture of the rich, buttery-ness from the steaks and fresh zing from the lime is a lip-smacking combination you won't just eat once!