Marinated Meatiness

Fancy your organic meat with a little more zing?

Need some spice on your plate? We are now selling our very own marinated organic meats. Organic sweet & smoky minute steaks, organic beef fajita strips and organic hot & smoky beef rump steaks. These are our classic organic beef cuts that you know and love, coated in organic spices to mix up your meal time.

Try the hot & smoky rump steaks in your very own, homemade ramen. With our beef bone broth, fresh mixed peppers and brown rice, this is a flavour where you really can’t beat homemade.

Why not cook up the sweet & smoky minute steaks beside roasted vine tomatoes and lemon-glazed mushrooms? Or sliced atop some fresh, organic green salad for a lean and luscious lunch.

Check out our Soil and Sea beef fajitas…


Soft and tender strips of our organic, grass fed beef marinated in traditional fajita spices create the best fajitas you’ve ever tasted (yep, really). Whip them up with charred chilli peppers, thick sour cream and fresh chopped coriander all wrapped up in a homemade flatbread - this really does have the WOW-factor.