Join us for Great British Beef Week!

Great British Beef Week!

From the 1st to the 7th of April, butchers and beef eaters across the UK will be celebrating Great British beef week. But why should you put our beef on your plate?

The term ‘grass-fed’ is becoming more common, however it is not regulated and this means meat can be marketed as 'grass fed' even if grain supplements up to 50% of the animal's diet. And even an organic certification mark will not guarantee an animal will be fed more than 50% pasture alone.

Our beef comes from 100% pasture fed, traditional breed animals. We do not rear our cattle on grain, nor do we finish our animals on grain as this would undo all the goodness from feeding on grass throughout the animal's life.

Our pasture fed for life beef means the wonderful naturally omega-3 rich marbling is not compromised. Our native animals live a longer life, growing at a slower, more natural pace, and feeding only on grass, silage & hay.

Our organic beef is dry aged for at least 21 days to mature into tender, flavoursome meat. All in all, it's better for you, better for the planet and most importantly, better for the animals.

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