Burns Night Feast

Burns Night Feast

Bring your friends and family together for a traditional feast and enjoy Burns Night in true Scottish style! Just don’t forget your Selkirk Grace and Address to a Haggis…

Cock-a-Leekie Soup

Roast a whole chicken or tray of legs and drumsticks in a heavy bottomed pot until cooked through and crisp. Pour water over the chicken until it is covered and simmer for 1 hour.

Add chopped leeks, carrots, prunes, fresh thyme and bay leaf and continue cooking until tender. Remove the chicken and take the meat from the bones. Stir the meat back into the soup, season and serve.


If you haven’t quite got the sheep’s stomach for a traditional haggis, why not opt for a shepherd’s pie style dish topped with proper good neeps-n-tatties?

Make the meaty base from a mix of beef steak mince, minced lamb shoulder or mutton and lamb’s heart, kidneys and chicken livers – use a food processor to get a coarse blend. Fry in a pan with chopped onion, celery, smoked streaky bacon, thyme and allspice.

Add bay leaves and beef stock, cover with a lid and cook for two hours. Toast oats and stir these in with extra stock if needed and cook for a further 30 minutes while you make your neeps-n-tatties – mashed potato and swede!

When the haggis mix is done stir in a little whisky, Worcester sauce and seasoning and assemble your haggis pie!


If you haven’t already had enough whisky to write off trying to assemble dessert, whip up a classic cranachan pud. Whisk double cream into a thick soft whip and stir in a little honey and whisky. Fold in toasted oatmeal and raspberries and tuck in!