Bringing home the Bacon....

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Organic Bacon

Our award-winning, dry-cured, organic bacon is a brunchtime must-have, we make our proper bacon using the finest quality pork. Produced from outdoor bred and reared pigs, free to roam and forage organic pasture! Pick up a pack or two for this Sunday’s special brekkie.

Our new bacon on the (butchers) block is finely sliced streaky and rindless streaky! Let us introduce you to your new favourite breakfast buddy:

Finely Sliced Organic Bacon


Dry-cured, unsmoked, finely sliced streaky bacon. These rather fine rashers are moments away from crispy-ness! Perfect for those of us who like thin slices of bacon.

184g - Approx 20 rashers per pack

Rindless Organic Bacon


Dry-cured, unsmoked streaky bacon without the rind. These rindless rashers are perfect for a quick cook and popping in a sarnie, or chopping up and whipping into a delicious spaghetti carbonara!

184g - Approx 8 rashers per pack