7 of our Favourite Springtime Recipes

7 of our Favourite Springtime Recipes

With the evenings growing lighter, we’re beginning to feel more sociable here on the farm! So, with Spring kicking off, ensure your dinner party menu compliments the jewels of the season with a helping hand from our organic Recipe Hub.

Read on to discover a selection of our favourite starters, mains and desserts which are sure to steal the show regardless of the occasion.



As the temperature (ever so slowly) begins to creep up to a more cheerful level, the heartier starters begin to take their toll when you’re looking to tackle three servings of organic goodness. Therefore, we’ve picked out a couple of lighter dishes which are sure to spark that appetite into life.

Best organic asparagus recipe UK delivery

Image: The beginnings of our superb asparagus soup.

Despite entering its season of ripeness a month or two early this year, asparagus is still going strong and forms the basis of our first dish: Asparagus Soup. Satisfyingly simple, effortlessly tasty, this creamy concoction packs a punch of antioxidants, calcium, protein and various vitamins

Another solid option is our Garden Pea, Spring Onion & Mint Tart. You won’t find a more vibrant, refreshing pastry that takes advantage of a number of British Springtime veggies. What’s more, it takes just 15 minutes to prepare and an hour to cook, meaning time is on your side!



Yes, we will suggest our award-winning grass-fed beef all year round! Our divine Soy Glazed Beef Onglet has all the components of a newfound favourite. The sweet kick of the whisky sauce combined with the crispy chunks of spring onion hash brown and succulent beef onglet quite frankly speak for themselves as a combination.

Sweet and sour organic pork recipe

Image: A Thai style banquet awaits.

If you’re after some Thai inspiration, then look no further than our Sweet and Sour Coconut Pork. There’s flavour everywhere you look with this one. Spring onion, red bell pepper and garlic deputise alongside a sticky coconut-infused oriental glaze while juicy strips of organic belly pork steal the show. Definitely a dish to please the whole family.

A vegetarian option that hits the spot is our Baked Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes. The perfect comfort dish that ticks the health boxes as well! Seasonal organic spinach and fresh, crumbly ricotta form a dynamic duo alongside our homemade crepes and herby passata.



Tuckered out from prepping those stunning mains? Never mind, our classic Rhubarb and Ginger Fool is a doddle to create with only 15 minutes prep time. The addition of organic Jersey cream makes this pudding a rich, creamy and indulgent treat for your table.